What to Expect

Imagine this…

Perhaps you have never seen a therapist before now, and you are wondering what it will be like. Or maybe you are a seasoned therapy client who has had other therapy experiences, good and bad, and you are wondering which one this will be.

To explain what you can expect, I ask that you imagine all the feelings that occur for you when you are preparing to meet someone for the first time. Now, whatever imagery that brings up for you, add any ideas or expectations that you have about therapy, if any. Got it?

Next, let’s pour into this image the shame and fear that always exist with substance use disorders. Maybe that shame and fear are very present with you, or perhaps they are tucked away far from your conscious mind. But they are there.

Beginning our journey together…

Carrying with you all of the above, you sit down with me, and we begin a journey together… a journey for which you, and you alone, set the destination.

In the beginning, my role is to follow closely and listen carefully to where you have been and where you wish to be, maintaining safety for you to share with me as transparently as you can.

Once we both agree that I have a clear understanding, we get to merge your knowledge and experience with mine to create your map.

For some, that destination is to gain clarity about the role of substances in their lives. Others may desire more fulfilling relationships with themselves or others.

This is your one and only life.

Sometimes we know best what we want by first being clear about what we no longer want. My role is to offer you an objective and neutral perspective to aid you in remaining on the paths that lead to your desired destination.

It is worth fighting for. And if you don’t know that, then I hope you will let someone help you build a life worth fighting for.

I would love to be that person if you will allow me. Give me a call today: (615) 308-9385