Substance Use Disorders

No one plans to develop an addiction to substances.

No one. What’s more… drinking alcohol and using drugs doesn’t cause it.

Don’t believe me?

How many people do you suppose drink or use drugs? Are they ALL addicted? Certainly not.

Then why aren’t more people addicted? It would be like saying that fast food causes diabetes. If that were true, then everyone is in trouble.

So why is it, then…

… that some people can get away with it but not you?

It’s a simple question, and it springs from a well of fear and shame…

“If only I had more will-power.”

“I am so weak.”

I assure you that these shame messages are not factual.

The only “gateway drug” is pain.

I am far less interested in what you use, although there is value in that conversation.

I want to know about the pain behind your use.

Before even considering giving up the one thing that has “effectively” managed the pain and anxiety, the fear and the shame (or at least more effectively than anything else), you will need to have hope that you won’t be standing alone and undefended from all that sits inside you in the shadows.

That’s where we start together… working toward hope.

I work with you from where you are in this moment. I have no agenda for you that you don’t have for yourself, and my commitment is that I never will.

From the very beginning of our work together, I know that I am not the expert on YOU. Therefore, I trust that where you are in your readiness to change in this moment is exactly where you need to be.

You will teach me all that you need me to know about how your substance use has served you and, perhaps, continues to serve you. You will find no judgment or skepticism from me. I fully believe that you are doing the best you can with the tools you have.

Together, we will examine what is working for you and what has been ineffective. Then we will map out a plan together, based on your needs and goals.

Regardless of what “they” may think…

… no one decides for us when we’re ready to change.

Readiness happens in our own time and at our own pace. Many of us have had the experience of well-intentioned others adding pressure and imposing their will before we are ready to make changes.

This can sometimes add to our resistance, even if we agree that there is a need to change our relationship with substances.

You are the decider here. You and you alone get to choose when you are tired enough of all that goes along with a lifestyle of using.

There are so many starting points for change.

You don’t necessarily have to be ready to quit drinking or using other substances to explore your options. Allow me to simply engage with you in a conversation about what you might consider.

That is where we will start… exactly where you are. Call me today: (615) 308-9385