Substance Abuse Assessments

An overview of these assessments…

For a one-time cost of $350, I provide a formal 3-hour interview with you and an individual of your choice who knows you very well.

I then provide answers to assessment questions about your substance use history, the implementation and scoring of screening instruments, a formal written assessment that includes recommendations, and a follow-up meeting to discuss results, if desired.

The assessment report will then be submitted with your permission to whomever you choose, including a copy for your records.

A skilled veteran with powerful instruments…

The tools that I use have been selected to provide the most reliable outcome possible, which means it will likely satisfy the needs you are attempting to meet by seeking an assessment.

I am proud to have partnered with the Tennessee Lawyers’ Assistance Program (TLAP), Tennessee Professional Assistance Program (TnPAP), and DUI Courts in Tennessee and elsewhere.

Please note that employees of the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDoT) who are in need of a substance abuse assessment are required to be evaluated by an approved certified Substance Abuse Provider (SAP). I do not hold this certification.

Meeting your needs…

Whether you need a formal substance abuse assessment for legal, professional, or personal purposes, I can offer you the comprehensive substance use disorder evaluation that you need.

Give me a call today to discuss your needs and make an appointment to get started! (615) 308-9385