Where are you located?

My address is 45A Rutledge Street in Downtown Nashville – very close to Nashville Children’s Theater and Husk restaurant.

The address is a bit deceptive because the parking lot is only accessible from Middleton Street.

Here are the best directions for a first-time visit:

From I-24, follow I-40 West into downtown Nashville
From I-65 North, follow I-40 East
From I-65 South, follow I-40 into downtown Nashville
From I-40, Exit 210 C, turn onto 2nd Avenue

While on 2nd Avenue, at the second street on your right, you will turn right onto Middleton. Howard Office Building will be on your right. On Middleton (about 100 feet), drive past the condos, and my office building is the first building and the first parking lot on the left.

The office is a 2-story grey cottage that is actually behind the yellow brick building that is 45 Rutledge. I am in the annex building (thus the address 45A).

If you get past the yellow brick building and Rutledge Street, you’ve gone too far. Park in the parking lot or on the street in parking zones, and then enter the downstairs door with the awning over it.

Ugh. Dowtown Nashville? Really?? What about parking???

Yes. I get it. The struggle is real with Nashville traffic, and the idea of downtown can seem overwhelming. But my office is not near Broadway.

And the best news of all is that I have a parking lot that is plenty big where parking is free.

When are you available to schedule appointments?

I am in the office Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm. I can, on occasion, stretch a bit beyond those hours – but on a very limited basis.

What is the cost and do you take my insurance?

I am not in-network for any insurance panels. Some individuals have had some success in getting partial reimbursement from their insurance company, but I am unable to offer a guarantee of that.

I readily provide receipts upon request for anyone wishing to attempt reimbursement. My rates are $125 for 60-minute sessions and $185 for 90-minute sessions.

Do you do drug and alcohol assessments? How does that work?

Yes! Please note that I am not a certified Substance Abuse Provider (SAP) that is required for Department of Transportation employees, but I will gladly assist you in finding one, if needed.

When coming in for an assessment, I ask you to bring someone who knows you well (usually a family member or very close friend). Be prepared to spend up to 3 hours for the full assessment. That time includes interviews with you, your chosen person, and time to complete some evaluation and screening tools.

I will then complete the evaluation and write up the full summary. You and I will schedule a follow-up meeting to review the findings, at which time you will decide if and to whom you would like me to send the completed assessment. The total cost for all the above is $350, which is to be paid at the beginning of the assessment.

How do I start?

It all begins with a phone call and a free consultation: (615) 308-9385

From there, you get to decide what happens next. Perhaps we schedule a meeting. Maybe you would like me to make a referral to another professional. There are plenty of options at that point!

To whom do you provide services?

My youngest client is 12 years old, and my oldest is in her 80s. I work with teens, men, women, members of the LGBTQ community, and individuals of all cultures and faiths who have been impacted by a substance use disorder.

What is the meaning of life?

I think Monty Python said it well: “Try to be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.”

Are you LGBTQIA friendly?

That is a resounding YES!! ALL are welcome here!

Do I have to tell you everything?

I believe very strongly that others must earn the right to hear your story.

Your information belongs to you and you alone. I look forward to proving that I am a safe person to whom you can be vulnerable. In no way do I expect you to come into a first session with that knowledge. My first question is often, “What would be most helpful to you for me to know sooner rather than later?”

My job is to learn all that you will teach me about yourself at your pace. I have no agenda for you beyond your own.

Is there anyone you won’t see?

My license is within a very specific specialty. I work with individuals who have or have had struggles with mood-altering substances.

I also work with the friends and family members of those individuals, serving those with ACA-related challenges (Adult Children of Addicts/ Alcoholics) and those struggling with codependent patterns of relationships.

When I meet someone or have been working with someone who reveals or begins to have significant symptoms outside of my specialty, then I make appropriate referrals for that individual.

Examples of issues outside of my scope of practice include (but are not limited to) significant mental health issues, eating disorders, sex addiction, marriage and family conflict outside of the realm of substance abuse, and trauma issues that are primary.

What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24 hours’ notice for cancelling scheduled appointments to avoid the full session charge. Exceptions given to risky weather and contagious illnesses. (I might pay you to not come if you are contagious!)