About Therapy

The pain and isolation become intolerable…

Remember when it wasn’t a problem?

It felt good to relax and unwind, to blow off the stress of the day by tossing back a few or more with friends or perhaps alone after kicking your shoes off.

It quieted all the head noise, while at the same time bringing excitement.

Where did it go south?

Do you question yourself?

Maybe you didn’t have enough will power to keep it under control – feeling like other people seem to have some sort of self-discipline or strength you don’t possess.

Do these stories sound familiar?

The shame of feeling out of control with substances drives an inward spiral of isolation…

…leading to even more shame and isolation.

Then more drinking… more using… more need to numb out…

At this point, you have forgotten how to unwind or find relief any other way.

Despite the shame and fear, there is reason for hope.

You are still alive and capable of making the necessary changes to create something new.

How can I be so bold and so sure?

If you had truly given up all hope, you would not have read this far.

I see you.

There you are, scouring the internet looking for something to hold on to… a reason to not give up on yourself.

I see you already. Let’s look together for that reason. It really is there. Every day there are people of all ages and backgrounds who struggled with substances find hope and freedom.

Collaborating with me…

There are those who believe that when they come to therapy they are meeting with someone who is full of advice and acts like an expert about other people’s lives (think of lying down on a couch with a guy scratching his beard and saying, “Uh-huh,” a lot).

You won’t find that here, but it is my job to learn all that you will allow me to know about you, so that the knowledge and experience I have (namely substance abuse and its effects on individuals and loved ones) becomes useful to you.

You don’t need an expert on you. You have a lifetime of information about you. What is missing (because it is missing for all of us) is enough objectivity to break free from patterns of behavior that continue to sabotage your efforts to live a life of fulfillment and freedom.

You know, you really can live a better life.

With me you will discover that I celebrate your courage and efforts, support you in painful moments where hope is hard to reach, and challenge you to take a closer look at the thoughts and behaviors that keep you from having the life you deserve.

Living two lives is exhausting.

Sharing with others only partial truths and never really feeling known by those who love you most can be excruciatingly lonely. And when the lies and half truths weave together into a foundation of deception and isolation, it can seem overwhelming and impossible to step into hope and integrity ever again.

I can help you connect with hope…

…by encouraging small moments of transparency and then building on the pride that comes from taking courageous action.

Honestly, most individuals that I meet with talk about having that feeling almost immediately by simply taking the first step of coming into the office and feeling the pride from that first brave act.

We then work together in a safe and pressure-free environment where truth can arrive without any force or urgency. I work with you at your pace while helping you explore the multiple ways that people heal from the disease of addiction.

About Me

Walking the walk…

Where did this specialized information and training come from? I thought you’d never ask. For more than 30 years, I have had the privilege of walking beside and supporting brave individuals and families who have struggled with drug and alcohol addictions – both their own and those of others around them.

My resume will show that I am licensed as a substance abuse specialist. I am also an educator and supervisor for those who have a desire to help others heal from the ravages of addiction.

What it won’t tell you is that my own path to healing has taught me the value of trusting someone safe with my secrets, as well as the value of an unfailing sense of humor. I hear often that I bring enough safety to invite more vulnerability than intended. I can’t think of a higher compliment.

Why prolong pain?

Are you ready to prove your shame and fear wrong?

Are you ready to shed some suffering as you find another way of life? What is it that you really lose by accepting help?

Don’t wait until you talk yourself out of it again. Message or call me today to simply place your foot on a path toward relief.